The Editors’ Association BC Branch has just announced their topic for the March monthly meeting and it looks like a good one: Public-Private Boundaries in Online Writing and Publishing. It will be held at the usual bat time and bat channel (7:30 pm, Wednesday, March 19 at the Y-W-C-A downtown) and features superblogger Derek K. Miller as the speaker. Derek is a well-known webwriter and tech blogger who has written extensively on his blog about undergoing treatment for cancer for the past two years.

Having written a personal blog for about four years, I know I’ve struggled with issue of how much to reveal online many times. I’ve written and deleted more posts than I count because of concerns for how certain stories and attitudes would look to the people involved, and I’ve worried endlessly about how certain posts would be received. So this should be a good talk for anyone who has ever struggled with the ethics of online publishing and personal revelation.

Admission for EAC members is free, and non-members pay $10 (students $5). For more info visit: