A summer tradition in the publishing world is SFU’s Summer Publishing Workshops. As usual they’re offering a range of courses from one-and two-day seminars to the famous  immersion workshops.

I myself am a graduate of the two-week Book Publishing Immersion workshop, where participants simulate a publishing house and work from 8 am in the morning to 10 pm at night, 6 days a week, to create and refine book concepts, design book covers, brainstorm sales pitches and media angles, and present “the list” at the closing sales conference. Along the way you meet great people (and then try not to kill them in an argument over something like fonts or colours) and have fun. A conveniently located Liquor Store downstairs in the Harbour Centre Mall provided the red wine that saw us through to many a nightly deadline…

The range of courses means there is something for anyone looking to develop their skills in writing, editing, publishing or designing books and magazines. The courses are moderately priced and I speak from experience when I say that they’re of high quality and taught by people who know their stuff. For the full list of courses visit: www.ccsp.sfu.ca/pubworks/workshops.html.

And should you prefer to sit back and just listen, check out the Symposium on the Book. This year’s theme is crime writing, and the $75 fee includes copies of books from each of the six authors on the panel. Note: The Book Publishing Immersion Workshop also includes admission to the Symposium.