Festive Vancouver

New Year’s Eve is almost here. The ultimate deadline, there’s no putting it off. It’s also that lull week between Christmas and NYE, and with all of the best-insert category-of-2014 lists and Christine, Here’s Your Year in Review auto-generated thingies popping up, there’s almost no choice but to reflect on the year it’s been.

Hmmm. Despite the endless turmoil, controversy and spinning of the world, it’s been a good ride around the sun. I saw some great live shows, read a lot of books and visited the awesomeness down south that is Portland and the Oregon Coast (including Powell’s Books). I joined Twitter and Reddit; and I’m still Yelping away, slowly.

Here’s one way to put it: an exhibit at my local art gallery featured a number of works where artists time-lapsed self-portraits of themselves over several years or put together multiple pictures of people that slowly morphed and transformed. So although perhaps nothing monumental happened to me, I just slowly went about the business of changing and hopefully improving each day I went to work, worked on a project, learned something new (like cooking Christmas dinner!), met new people and kept my big crazy dog out of trouble. It’s in the long view that you see the changes. In a chaotic world, I’m okay with cruising down the highway.

I hope to continue working with the many wonderful people who employed my services this year, as well as volunteering with excellent causes such as the Vancouver Writers Festival and SubTerrain magazine and the Editors’ Association of Canada, all of which seem to point me in the direction of yet more stories to read. (My New Year’s resolution? More shelves!)

I hope 2014 has been good to you. Here comes 2015, so let’s get the champagne and get things rolling in style. Happy, happy New Year, wherever you are are!