Kirby Ferguson, also known as Goodie Bag, is a mad genius. His videoblog/monologues may not all be work-safe viewing, but they’re brilliant nonetheless.

Some of my favourites that I’ll share with you:

Trajan is the Movie Font: A rant on the ubiquitous font of movie posters. Designers take note: “Have a wild fling with Comic Sans … just be sure to trash the files in the morning.”

I Love Progress Bars: “It’s very comforting to be nestled within a timeline.” I think of this video whenever I am asked the inevitable question of whether or not I’m looking for another permanent, full-time job. The secret answer is that I fear “spinning stuff” – the opposite of progress bars.

The Distraction Machine: Why is working on a computer so hard? The answer: infinite distractions! It’s like working on “a typewriter that dispenses pornography”! Not to mention Youtube, Facebook, Yelp, Craigslist…

Talent is Hard Work: You could put in all the toil in the world, but without luck, you’re screwed either way. Thanks, Kirby.

Happy weekending, warriors.