I probably do as much work as someone with a full-time job, but I only get paid when I actually produce something. When paid gigs are sparse, or you’re waiting on someone else so you can begin to do a job, you’ve got to find other things to do.

  1. Look for work – the websites I wrote about previously are great places to start. I would also add Media Job Search Canada to the list – their new layout is great, plus you can post a resume. Free advertising, I guess.
  2. Network. Aka check Facebook. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. There’s also LinkedInI have a profile there, but there’s nothing to do on LinkedIn. As I also wrote about previously, there are networking groups you can visit or join to meet the vast community of non-writers. Talking to other people about their businesses is a great way to get ideas and potential interview sources for articles.
  3. Pitch articles. Make it rain. Go magazine shopping and call it research, or join and search the vast database on WritersMarket.com.
  4. Clean the employee lounge. It’s important. To prevent passing out from chemical fumes while you’re at the keyboard, look into the vast array of environmentally-friendly cleaning products that are available (you’ll be motivated to find work in order to pay for them) or go DIY with baking soda, lemon, and vinegar concoctions. Random plug here for Sapadilla … a local eco-cleaning company.
  5. Go outside. A quick walk around the block with the dog or a bike ride to the store gives me a chance to move, a change of scenery, and hopefully, inspiration and ideas.
  6. Diarize. Every little thing. It’s cathartic and provides unexpected insights and material for a future tell-all.
  7. Make lists.
  8. Oh yes, the work. Because there is no such thing as a rent fairy.